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    silicone baking mat
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    silicone baking mat

    • Goods SN:BW2401082
    • Sales time:2015-12-19 10:00:27
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    • Brand:BOTHWINNER
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    • Size: 420 * 295 (large) 228 * 305 (trumpet)


    1. Product Name: silicone baking mat 

    2. Size: 420 * 295 (large) 228 * 305 (trumpet)

    3. Material: food grade silicone, non-toxic and tasteless

    4. Temperature range: -70 degrees -250 degrees

    5. Scope: oven, microwave, dining table, kitchen counters, etc.

    6. Use: dough, heat, grill cloth, non-slip, anti-sticking. Alternative oilcloth oiled paper, it is environmentally friendly oh

    7. Features:

    1> Food safety - through the EU, Germany and the United States demanding food grade test, the safe use of under -40 ° C-250 ° C temperatures.

    2> endurance - baking more than 4000 times the number of repeated use, silicone pad interior design of the glass fiber reinforced silicone pad has a long service life.

    3> permanent non-stick - Silicone feature permanent non-stick, it will not stick due to wear and lose performance.

    4> super adsorption - adsorption ability, can absorb such a variety of live wood console table, stainless steel table, marble table, glass top, is ideal for kneading table, Ganmian work chopping board, is also an ideal Western placemat.

    5> clean environment - without greased baking use, release very easily. Art can be used as a sugar-stick pad.

    6> super washable - flush or a soft cloth to gently wipe clean silicone pad, or brush lightly with a small amount of detergent to clean.

    7> easy storage - usually do not, they can be stored rolled up, does not occupy space