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    • Goods SN:BW3202029
    • Sales time:2016-01-09 09:28:32
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    • Brand:BOTHWINNER
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    • Product Features:


    1. Name: Plastic kettlebell

    2. Specifications: 3kg, 6kg

    3. Product Features:

    1> PVC handles, improve comfort grip degree. 100% environmentally friendly materials, safety and tasteless.

    2> around the bottom with a mat, to avoid damage to the floor, while increasing the use of safety.

    3> a variety of specifications, a variety of options to meet the different needs of the exerciser.

    4. Product Features:

    1> muscles, men stick, you can increase the size of the pectoralis major and deltoid, formed on the narrow width of the fit body.

    2> bodybuilding chest, Ms. exercise is conducive to breast development and breast bodybuilding.

    3> Keep strength, middle-aged stick with kettlebells exercise, can improve and maintain the power of the upper limbs.

    4> remain viable, the elderly and exercise, to maintain youthful vigor, improve quality of life.